Twin CP3 Systems
  • PPE Dual Fueler 03 - 07 Cummins $2599 Shipped
  • Includes new CP3, all brackets, hoses and electronics
  • Simple install
  • Enough diesel for 1000+ horsepower
Modified CP3's
  • Floor It Diesel stage 2 and 3 CP3's, Bag of parts by John 
  • Call for prices
  • Remanufactured VP44's Built by certified Bosch Shop
  • SO/HO VP44's  $1325
  • HRVP44's  $1900
  • Custom built P7100's set up and calibrated on our in house test stand. Flow and Rpm set to your specs.  
Transfer Pumps
  • Pumps/Systems from Air dog and FASS, Air Dog 100 QD Starting at $560 shipped 
  • Custom fuel systems built for high horsepower applications
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